A different approach to Energy

How it Works

Stand up to skyrocketing energy prices by letting us manage your electricity account. We find the best rates in the market and enroll you. Worry free.

No unnecessary fees

We only collect when you save, so sign-up and usage is free.


We work for you, from sign-up to monitoring prices and switching.

Always plugged in

We work with your utility so you will not lose power when you switch.
See how it works

Every month, an electricity bill includes two charges

Supply Charges vs Delivery Charges

Supply Charges

This is from an electric company that supplies the energy to the company that delivers electricity. If you don’t choose a different supplier, delivery companies will put you on their default rate.

Delivery Charges

This is the utility company that is responsible for delivering electricity to you from a supplier through wires so you get the energy you need. This company is the one that sends you a bill.
Cottage continuously scans the market for lower supply rates and switches you when we find a comparable plan with lower charges.

Always on so you don’t have to be

How Cottage Works for You

Cottage is not a utility company.
Our goal is to simplify energy management and ensure that you have the best energy rates.

You Sign Up

Sign up with Cottage for free and tell us your preferences, so we can find a plan that works best for you

We manage the account

We help manage your account with the utility company from beginning to end, including automatic payment and move-in / move-out.

We seamlessly switch you

We find rates and negotiate terms with suppliers. We share those rates with you and switch you behind the scenes so you save money without the hassle.

We lookout for savings incentives

We constantly scout for ways to lower the cost of your energy bill. As soon as we find them, we build them into Cottage and pass the savings on to you.

Everyone Wins

How We Make Money

Cottage is free and always will be for customers because we believe you should not have to pay for savings.
We monitor the market for the best rates, dig into the details of the fine print in the terms and conditions, and choose partners that share our mission.
We make it easier for energy suppliers to find customers, so they spend less on advertising, and can pass through those savings to you with a lower rate.
To cover our costs, suppliers pay us a small referral for bringing them new customers. They pay us so you don’t have to.

But wait, what if I don’t pick an alternative supplier?

That’s okay! You should still sign up with Cottage. We are constantly working in the background to find ways to lower your energy bill. For instance, we can enroll you in Community Solar programs that can save you 5-20% per utility bill with no cost.

Partner with Us

Are you an Electricity Supply company or simply want to join with our mission? Become a Cottage partner! Reach out to learn how we can work together to green the planet. Let's start the conversation about sustainability and get on the path to carbon neutrality.