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Cottage makes it easy for humans to make an impact. We're committed helping our customers seamlessly access energy, find alternative options, and select the best rates. Whether you're an Energy Supply company, or just interested in our mission, we want to be your partner on the path to carbon neutrality.
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Working together to drive sustainable change

Our Partners

Electricity Supply Companies

Cottage helps sign-up customers for alternative energy supply with a focus on renewable and mixed renewable options. We enroll our customers in fixed rates to help provide predictability and planning that can be used to better plan for demand uncertainty.

Community Solar Farms

Cottage helps you get your community solar projects subscribed without the burden and overhead of direct marketing efforts. We help educate our customers on the benefits of community solar while establishing trust and transparency.

Climate Tech Companies

We love to work with other climate tech companies to provide customer-centric innovations. We want to provide as many tools and resources for our customers as we can and are always open to new ideas that can create progress towards a carbon neutral world.

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